Your Input on Recycling

We asked you: What do we do about recycling in Lake County?  You responded:
Work toward community resiliency, consider wide-spread (municipal) curb-side trash and recycling, compost, illegal dumping in the woods is gross, get those recycle bins back on main street.

recycle inputStaff comment: Good news!  Green Wolf Recycling has donated to C4, more than a dozen recycle bins to be placed in the downtown area.  The City is working on handling pick-up.  So we should see those bins on Harrison soon!

Your comments:

Recycling as Part of overall plan for more resilient community

  • local food
  • Energy efficiency and self sufficiency
  • Community cohesion
  • Citizen health
  • Water and sanitation self sufficiency

Focus on Bigger issue

Compost, compost at chicken hill, community garden 101 Toledo
Add recycle bins at city parking lot on west 3rd

Create safe bike lanes

It would be awfully convenient to have recycling cans next to the trash cans on the street corners of harrison (just like they have in frisco)

Every gas station and grocery store in Colorado (legislation) should have recycling in front of the stores to re-collect all the cans and bottles they sell out the doo

Municipal trash and recycling

Yep, treating the various and Sunday mine holes in the County as one’s personal landfill does NOT constitute recycling
Better ideas:

  • work towards a bottle deposit in Colorado
  • curbside pick up, cost of which is included in our property taxes = no incentive to dump
  • Single stream? Make it easy to do

Find a use for wealth of mine tailings
The ‘last straw’ use less or no straws
Something different than junking the woods

Thanks for a great event and all the work you do C4!
Recycle or die.