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Our mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.

Program areas include clean energy, energy efficiency, environmental education, recycling, composting, and food systems.

Cloud City Conservation Center (c4)  is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.


Physical Address: 130 W 5th Street, Room 121, Leadville, Colorado
Mailing Address: PO Box 459, Leadville CO 80461
Call us 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday: (719) 465-6164

Executive Director Kendra Kurihara: kendra@C4Leadville.org (719) 293-5334
Energy Programs Director Cameron Millard: cameron@C4Leadville.org (720) 940-6900


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Environmental Education and Infrastructure in the Schools.  We work in Lake County schools to deliver environmental eduction workshops and support green teams.  As part of this program, 11th grade High Mountain Institute students become instructors and Waste Warriors, teaching environmental education workshops in classrooms.

We work with teachers, students and administration to improve school infrastructure.  In the past year we have given our $4000 in mini-grants to schools for recycling and waste reduction infrastructure.  With our help in 2014-2015, schools recycled over 25,000 pounds.

In 2015 and 2016, work in the schools has focused on compost. On October 26th, 2015, every student at the intermediate school and high school began composting their food scraps at lunch-time.  Two Earth Tubs located behind the intermediate school turn those food scraps into nutrient rich compost.  The intermediate school and high school composts an average of 400 pounds of food scraps a week, creating 2 cubic yards of nutrient-rich compost every 6-10 weeks.

Residential Energy Efficiency Improvements.  We deliver home energy audits at greatly deducted prices, thanks to support from Lake County. This program has been successful in improving 45 homes over the past two years, with an average annual energy savings of $500.

Lake County Recycling and Waste Diversion Infrastructure.  We work with Lake County staff and elected officials to improve local waste diversion infrastructure.  In 2014,  we worked with the County to receive $200,000 in funding for new recycling infrastructure, including two new recycling drop-sites, processing and storage equipment for the County.  Drop sites are operational as of September, 2015 and include a Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Drop.

Zero Waste Events and Event Recycling.  We manage and help other people manage zero waste events and event recycling.  In 2015 we helped to recycle and compost 40,000 pounds of material.

Lake County Clean Energy.  Over the past three years we worked with Lake County and project developers to secure and build the Lake County Solar Garden, a 500 kW solar array located just south of town that allows residences, businesses and anybody with an Xcel Energy meter, to offset their energy bill with clean, locally produced energy.


Abandon hope all ye who enter.  Or check out our 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 annual reports and be inspired.

C4 Annual Report 2016

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C4_Annual Report 2013


In 2011, a diverse group of local stakeholders created the Lake County Energy and Sustainability Plan.  Efforts by this group subsequently led to a new Lake County recycling center, the community’s first public renewable energy project, and first large-scale zero-waste events.  The group that developed and implemented these projects has become Cloud City Conservation Center’s founding board and staff.  The facilitator of this group, Lynne Westerfield, became C4’s Executive Director.  The organization began operations on January 1st, 2013 with seed funding from Lake County Government.

Our mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.