Event Recycling

Recycling – Event Resources:

  • Collapsable recycling bins are available for free for any event in Lake County.
  • These bins are easy to use and transport (they break down to the size of a folding chair). They are designed to collect commingled containers (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc.).
  • For no charge, you can rent bins and pick them up at the Cloud City Conservation Center, 130 W 5th Street, office #121.  They are available for pick-up or drop-off 9-5 pm, Monday – Friday for call us for after-hour drop-off options.  Use them at your event, deliver the recyclables to the nearest recycling center (Lake County landfill or other) and return the bins to C4.
  • If the bins are returned full of recyclables, soiled, broken, or if they are not returned at all, you will be billed $50 per bin.  A credit card will be accepted at the time of rental.
  • Bags are offered for $1.50 per bag and can be paid for when the bins are picked up at C4. (We recommend approximately one bin for every 25 people.) These are heavyweight plastic bags with “Recycle” printed on them. If you want to provide your own, the bags should be clear and measure 40″ x 45″ (usually 45-gallon or larger bags will work). Clear bags allow participants to see the recyclables and prevent contamination.
  • Collapsible recycling bins are made available through a gift from the Climax Molybdenum Company.  The bins are manufactured by ClearTainers.

Clear stream

Recycling Event Requirements

Lake County events with over 500 participants that serve food or drink are required to have recycling through the County’s special event permitting process. Requirements:

  • The ratio of trash to recycling containers needs to be 1:1.  We recommend placing a recycling bin next to every trash bin.  We recommend at least one bin for every 50 individuals.
  • Type of recycling required:
    • Mixed containers (plastic and aluminum)
    • Cardboard
  • A plan for recycling that includes hauling is required.  Event organizers should review the plan with Cloud City Conservation Center (719) 465-6164, info@c4leadville.org


Resources for hauling recycling, trash and compost:

Chaffee County Waste

Vail Honeywagon: Matt Donovan – Owner, (970) 476-3511, matt@vailhoneywagon.comwww.vailhoneywagon.com

Waste Management: Aron Diaz, (970) 589-0896, ddiaz@wm.com


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