Access to $50,000 loan fund secured for home energy improvements in Lake County

A revolving loan fund with $50,000 set aside for Lake County is administered through Cloud City Conservation Center (C4) and the Energy Smart Colorado Partnership.  As loans are paid back, they will become available again for future projects.

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Turn-around times for loan processing have been as quick as 4 hours and interest rates start at 3.75%.  Loans can be as low as $1,000 or as high as $25,000.   Though many different types of energy improvements are eligible, homes must have an energy assessment first, so that improvements can be accurately diagnosed.   Thanks to support from Xcel Energy and Lake County, energy assessments are available for a base-price of $50, a third of the cost of audits in surrounding counties.  Additional energy improvements have included air sealing, insulation, heating, window and door upgrades and solar installations.