compost kitchen bin

Interested in a community compost system?  So are we.  Step 1: Begin composting in our schools.  Step 2: Expand the program to include the community.

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Composting in the Schools.  The Lake County Intermediate School and High School began composting on October 26th, 2015.  Two Earth Tubs are located at the Intermediate School and capable of handling up to 100 pounds a day of compost each.  This is a coordinated effort including staff, teachers, students and C4.  Check out our Lake County Intermediate School Green Team as they explain the compost system.

Composting at Home.  Backyard compost and vermicompost (worms) can both be successful in our harsh climate.  Both produce excellent soil for your gardening needs and reduce household waste.  Worms can be ordered online.  Backyard compost is easy to get started.

Composting at Events.  C4 has 30 compost stations available for free rental to event organizers in Lake County.   A compost drop is available for small zero waste events.  Rent a compost station now and learn how to make your event zero waste.

Our mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.