Home Assessment

WHY DO I NEED HOME ENERGY ASSESSMENT? An energy assessment is a comprehensive analysis of how energy gets used in your home.  Some homes require more energy to accomplish the same task as in a neighboring home, such as heating or lighting.  An energy assessment with C4 will identify and make understandable those areas in your home that would benefit from efficiency improvements, so that the energy you use works harder for you.  The result is a warmer, more comfortable home that uses less energy, creates less pollution, and saves you money.

We find costly air leaks in your home.
We find costly air leaks in your home.

WHAT TAKES PLACE DURING A HOME ENERGY ASSESSMENT?  We follow rigorous standards put in place by the Building Performance Institute.  This ensures that energy improvements do not come at the cost of our number one priority, the health or safety of your home.  A standard energy assessment includes a blower-door test to find leaks and measure the tightness levels of your home, an infrared camera inspection to determine the effectiveness of the insulation, and safety testing for problems like excess carbon monoxide in the home.  We then use computer software provided by XCEL Energy  to make practical and cost-effective recommendations for your home.

Insulate Attic
A customized report highlights efficiency opportunities in your home.

WHAT COMES AFTER THE ASSESSMENT?  After the assessment is complete, our energy coaching service helps you find the right way to move forward.  Many individuals in our community will choose to make certain improvements themselves.  We can help with advice and even lend a hand.  For others, hiring a qualified home performance contractor is the best option.  C4 has a great pool of contractors to choose from.  Additionally, we will help with rebates and financing to reduce the financial barriers to getting work done.  Finally, we will always work to ensure that you and your home are well-taken care of and that the work is done right the first time.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Give us a call today at 719-465-6164 or sign up at energysmartcolorado.com get signed up.  We ask that you gather your utility bills so we analyze them during the assessment.  Additionally, please have attic and crawlspace hatches accessible for our energy analyst.  If you have a wood stove or fireplace they must be cleaned out and unlit. W also recommend making a list of your energy goals (save money, help the environment, etc.) to help guide the process.  Expect the analyst to spend 2-3 hours thoroughly inspecting your home.

PRICING:  Pricing varies according to local incentives, utility rebates, and square footage of your home. Please give us a call to find out more information.  We work with individuals at all income levels and strive to make our services affordable for all Lake County Residents.

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