Can I Recycle Bottle Caps and Jar Lids?

Ever wondered if you can recycle bottle caps and jar lids? The answer is a great illustration of how to keep it pure! Let’s break it down.

Metal Bottle Caps = No
While this handy invention is primarily metal, it’s lined with plastic, so it contains two types of recyclables. In a few specific cases, it’s okay to mix types of materials in small amounts: You can leave the labels on glass jars and the plastic or metal rings on glass bottles. But metal bottle caps cannot be recycled because the metal isn’t pure enough. In addition, these tiny gadgets can catch in the conveyor belts of recycling machines and temporarily stop the recycling process.

Jar Lids = No
For the same reason that metal bottle caps cannot be recycled, jar lids must go in the trash.

Plastic Bottle Caps = Yes
Plastic bottle caps, when placed back on the top of a rinsed plastic bottle, can be recycled in a place like Lake County that takes plastics #1-#7. It’s best to reattach them to their original mate, however, to keep them from getting jammed in the recycling machines’ conveyor belts.

For more information, please explore the recycling tips on, or ask a member of the Recycling Center team at the Lake County Landfill. Thank you for recycling with care!