Recycle with Care: Keep it Pure

When you’re not sure whether you can recycle an item, carefully consider what it’s made of. Items that contain more than one kind of material, like a paper with a heavy plastic or wax coating (think milk carton) or a metal bottle cap lined with plastic, cannot be recycled. That’s because the recycling process is made for only the primary material.

There are some exceptions:

  • Paper labels on glass bottles = Yes
  • Plastic or metal rings around the top of glass bottles = Yes
  • Small amounts of packing tape or labels on cardboard = Yes

Here’s an easy rule of thumb: “Keep it pure!” This little slogan is sister to another important recycling reminder: “When in doubt, keep it out.”

For more information, please explore the recycling tips on, or ask a member of the Recycling Center team at the Lake County Landfill. Thank you for recycling with care!