School Waste Audit Findings Are In

The DOOR Program Green Team at the High School, aided by some 3rd grade helpers (the styrofoam stoppers) and a few interested citizens, completed their third and final waste audit last week and here’s what they found.  To view the full Lake County Green Schools Waste Audit report, click here.

Current waste diversion rate is 18% for all three schools, ranging from 11% at West Park to 29% at the High School.  What we found was that most of the waste stream, 67%, was organic material and paper towels/tissues, which can be composted, not recycled.

The total greenhouse gas emissions reduced from the earth’s atmosphere due to current recycling efforts is 61,397 pounds (EPA Environmental Benefits Calculator).  Great job everybody!  Potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction with the addition of a compost program is: 270,000 pounds.

The High School in particular is doing an excellent job of recycling, a 30% waste diversion rate.  Congratulations to the DOOR Program Green Team, students, teachers and staff for all their hard work.