Kids and Chemicals Don’t Mix

Kids and Chemicals Don’t Mix

HHW cartoonTip#1 Safely Dispose of hazardous products

Take household hazardous waste to the Round Up on May 17th, 2014, at the Lake County Recycling Center.  Disposal is free for most items.  Lake County, the Leadville and Lake County Fire Department and the Conservation Center have teamed up to make your family safer.

store safelyTIP#2 store products safely

Help keep kids safer by storing hazardous products away from their reach. Lock cabinets or take a new look at where products are stashed.

original containersTIP#3 Keep hazardous materials in their original containers

Product labels have critical product information on them including the hazards and first aid information. Unmarked and reused containers are too easily confused with food – like these containers that were used for automotive fluids. If you have to store a product outside of its original container, clearly label and safely dispose of it.

store away from foodTIP#4 Store and use hazardous products away from food

Products can look like food. Children and adults can easily confuse edible products that are in look-a-like containers. And a young child will naturally taste what they find.

read labelTIP#5 read the label

Read the label of products and avoid products that say DANGER or POISON. Instead, buy safer versions of these products that say WARNING or CAUTION. If possible, buy safer products that have none of these four signal words.

green cleanTIP#6 make green cleaners

Household cleaners are the third most common reason for accidental poisoning of children. Reduce your child’s exposure to toxins and make your own green cleaners.  Check out High Country Conservation Center’s Green Cleaning Guide.


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