How do you get max accessories in Terraria Calamity?

In the popular game Terraria, the Calamity mod adds new challenges and content for players. One of the goals in the game is to obtain the best accessories possible, as they provide unique benefits and enhance your character’s abilities. This article will guide you on how to acquire maximum accessories in Terraria Calamity.

1. Exploration and Boss Battles

Explore the world and defeat bosses to obtain powerful accessories. Bosses drop essential items that can be combined with others to create even better accessories. For example, defeating the Eye of Cthulhu will give you its treasure bag containing useful items like the Shield of Cthulhu.

Additionally, bosses like the Wall of Flesh drop the Demon Heart, which increases your maximum health by 20 and allows you to equip an additional accessory.

2. Crafting and Combining

Crafting is a crucial aspect of obtaining max accessories in Terraria Calamity. Combine different items at various crafting stations to create powerful accessories. Some notable accessories you can create include the Elemental Gauntlet, which combines the Fire Gauntlet with other materials, providing increased melee damage and speed.

Other valuable accessories can be crafted by combining boss drops and rare materials, such as the Seraph Tracers, which require the Seraph’s Hymn and several other ingredients. These accessories grant unique abilities and bonuses.

3. Fishing and Angler Quests

Fishing provides a fun and rewarding way to obtain accessories in Terraria Calamity. By participating in fishing quests given by the Angler NPC, you can earn various rewards, including powerful accessories. Completing quests and fishing in different biomes will increase your chances of obtaining rare and valuable items.

For example, the Fish Finder accessory is obtained by completing a specific Angler quest. It increases your fishing power and reveals the type of fish being reeled in.

How do you get max accessories in Terraria Calamity?

4. Events and Treasure Bags

Participating in events like the Pumpkin Moon or Frost Moon can grant you access to unique accessories. By defeating waves of enemies during these events, you can earn treasure bags that contain powerful accessories, such as the Necromantic Scroll.

These accessories offer various benefits, like summoning minions to fight for you, enhancing your magic damage, or improving your defense.

Obtaining the best accessories in Terraria Calamity requires a combination of exploration, boss battles, crafting, fishing, events, and completing quests. By utilizing all these methods, you can equip your character with powerful accessories that enhance their abilities and make them formidable against the game’s challenges.

Remember to keep experimenting and discovering new recipes, as Terraria Calamity offers a wide range of accessories to choose from, each providing unique advantages. Good luck on your journey to acquiring max accessories!

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