Wild and Scenic Films 9/5/15 at the Tabor Opera House

Wild and Scenic Poster C4 September 2015
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The Program6:00 pm –  The beautifulTabor Opera House opens for a reception.  Appetizers from High Mountain Pies are free.  Sierra Nevada beer will be available for purchase, unless you bring your own mug and then it’s free!  Beer will be limited to one per person.7:00 -8:00 pm FILMS!

The Ridge 7:14

danny-macaskill-isle-of-skye_hDanny Macaskill is a very good bike rider. A very, very good bike rider. So he climbed a mountain near his home on the Isle of Skye and did something that will make you scream with joy and horror.

 Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night 12:04


This film explores the importance of darkness through the study and preservation of firefly habitats in Japan and the United States. Fireflies are reportedly disappearing, as artificial night lights disrupt their ‘language of light’. ‘Brilliant Darkness Hotaru in the Night’ features artists and scientists on different continents working to understand firefly flash patterns and how to live among wildlife in urban settings.

The American Lawn 11:54

americna lawnAmerican Lawn explores this fascinating dichotomy, of lawn lovers and haters, resulting in a kaleidoscopic, lighthearted, and insightful portrait of Americans of all stripes grappling with their relationships to lawn.

California: Paradise Burning 7:26

California-Paradise-Burning2Since 2012, California has been suffering through a historically severe drought. For the farmers and ranchers of the Central Valley, the future seems especially bleak. Wells have gone dry, orchards have been left to perish, and those who came to California to work the fields stand idle.

Feature Film: Delta Dawn 16:19

pete mcbrideThe Colorado River hasn’t kissed the sea in almost two decades — until the spring of 2014 when an experimental pulse of water was released into this forgotten delta. A team of river runners followed the water to witness this unprecedented restoration effort, and attempted to be the only, and potentially the last to float the Colorado River to the sea by paddle board. With unpredictable adventure as the backdrop, filmmaker Pete McBride tells the story of Western water, a challenged Colorado River and the uplifting potential for environmental restoration via collaboration, all through his repeated experiences chasing a river to the sea.

Teton Hooping Contingent 7:38

teton hoopingThe town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming possesses a rich mountain culture and it is where 26 year old Ryan Mertaugh developed the art of Extreme Hula Hooping. Follow Ryan’s adventures of hooping his way through the Teton Mountain Range. As he challenges perceptions of social norms, some surprising discoveries are made along the way.

 INTERMISSION 8:00 – 8:30

8:30-9:30 Films!

MAN 3:37

A terrifying but true cartoon story of our counterpart, man in too small t-shirt, and his demise at the hands of a chicken wing fetish, among other things.

Common Ground 18:20

common+ground.jpgSeveral ranching and farming communities living against the stunning landscape of the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana are faced with the decision of what is to become of this unprotected public land. As the community battles with the idea of proposing more wilderness areas, heritage and tradition are seemingly defended on both sides. When the people begin to raise their voices, they come to find that what is feared most is change.

Our Power: Black Mesa 8:23

black mesaThe Navajo people in Black Mesa, Arizona are trying to protect their aquifer from a nearby coal mining plant’s pollution. The cities of Phoenix and Flagstaff get their water at the expense of the Navajo Nation. As part of the Climate Justice Alliance, they strive to generate “energy without injustice, power without pollution” by using solar power instead of fossil fuels.

EarthBook 3:52

What would Planearthbook_picet Earth post about humans on its profile? The Earth fast forwards through a virtual relationship with humans — but soon starts to ask itself whether it wants to be friends with us.

The Great Turning 26:51

2012_shemper_joannamacy_tara4dfa2fdAuthor Joanna Macy presents her understanding of “the Great Turning” — the third major revolution of human existence after the agricultural and industrial revolutions.