Recycling Bins Are Back on Harrison Today

Thanks to a partnership between C4 and the City.  Bins are in two locations, with more to come: by City Hall and in front of the City park on Harrison.

A letter to the community from Mayor Jaime Stuever, which ran in this week’s IMG_2279Herald Democrat 4/10/14.

The City of Leadville has made a firm commitment to recycling in order to protect our natural resources and increase local jobs and revenue.  Leadville citizens have expressed consistently that they would like to have access to public recycling bins.  Under the management of the City and enforcement by the City police department, we are placing recycle bins on Harrison Avenue with the intention that they be used for incidental recycling only.  We ask your help with these bins so that they do not become too expensive for the City to maintain.  These bins were removed last year by our private hauler because illegal dumping made them cost prohibitive to operate.  The City has since passed an ordinance (Ordinance 3, Series 2014) that makes it illegal to place anything other than incidental recycling in the downtown recycling bins.  This includes any trash, household and commercial non-incidental recycling.  This ordinance will be enforced strictly by City Police and is punishable by a fine of up to $1000.

We would like to thank Green Wolf Recycling for donating these bins to the Cloud City Conservation Center for public use and Cloud City Conservation Center for providing the community education needed to back up enforcement of the new ordinance.

These recycling bins are a great reminder to visitors and residents alike that Leadville is a responsible community.  Help us keep them available to the public.  Please only use them for incidental recycling.  Bins are ‘source separated’ into plastic, glass and aluminum.  Please sort accordingly.  If you see anybody putting trash in them, ask them to stop or report them to the police.  Our community wants to see recycling in public places and we want to provide this service, but can only do so if we have your support.  Please treat these bins like the community asset that they are.

Thank you!

Jaime Stuever