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Do you want to make your event Zero Waste or just have Recycling?

RECYCLING ONLY: Recycling-only events provide opportunities for visitors to recycle commingled containers such as plastic or glass bottles and aluminum cans. Most events don’t generate enough paper to necessitate a paper recycling bin. Reserve collapsible commingled containers recycling bins for your event.

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How many people will attend?

1-200 people: Business Functions & Meeting, Birthday Parties, Weddings & Family Reunions, Cocktail Parties, Picnics & Barbecues, Neighborhood Block Parties


  • Step 1. Order Compostable and/or Recyclable Materials.  You can order materials from Eco Products and they are sent right to your door.  Need help with what to order?  We can help.  Alternately, these items can be purchased and picked up in Summit County from the High County Conservation Center.  For pick up in Summit County, contact:
  • Rent Compost and Recycling stations from us. Rentals are free for nonprofit groups.
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  • Compost drop-off for small events is FREE at Cloud City Conservation Center, if you inform us prior to the event.  We will give you the combination to our compost toter, located behind the Post Office Building, 130 W 5th Street.

Events of 200-1000 people:

Learn about C4’s step by step guide: Zero Waste Event Coordinator

Events of 1,000 + people:

Zero Waste Event Services include compost, recycling and trash at waste stations, volunteers, hauling of trash, compost,recyclables, quality guarantee of compost/recycling, outreach and education.  We guarantee a waste diversion rate of over 75%.  On average, large scale C4 zero waste events divert over 90% of their waste.

Pricing depends on type of event and services required, number of waste stations, volunteers required.   Services offered by your zero-waste event manager:

  • We will work with you to set and achieve event goals. We have a successful zero waste track record. All large- scale events we have managed have achieved a 75% or higher waste diversion rate.
  • We will provide waste stations, signs and staff/volunteers for each station.
  • We will guarantee the quality of the compost and recyclables so that they can be hauled to their end destination.  We have established relationships with recycling haulers and commercial compost facilities, which will not accept material unless it is 99% uncontaminated.
  • We will recruit, train and manage waste volunteers for waste stations.  We have established a network of volunteers over time and can fill this need.
  • We will publicize your zero waste efforts. 
  • We will work with vendors and competitors to be sure all supplies are compostable and recyclable.
  • We will coordinate with local recycling, composting and trash haulers to ensure seamless event management and waste hauling.
  • If you would like, we can take care of the hauling end, ensuring trash, recycling and compost are collected and properly disposed of.

Leadville Race Series Zero Waste Logo

Congratulation Leadville Race Series on a 75% waste diversion rate for 2017 races.  That’s over 8,000 pounds of compost and recycling, thousands of participants and over 50 local volunteers involved in the effort. Over 20,000 pounds of carbon emissions were reduced from the earth’s atmosphere from this effort.

Zero Waste Dan

What is a Zero Waste Event?  Party more, waste less.  If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact consider reducing the trash sent to the landfill from your next party, gathering or event.  Zero-waste is a philosophy behind event organization where the materials used and waste stream are managed from start to finish to reduce waste and maximize resource re-use.  Any event can be made zero-waste, big or small.  Usually organizing a zero-waste event involves the addition of recycling and/or compost stations and collection, the purchase of compostable and/or recyclable materials and outreach at the event itself including signs, labels and volunteers.

Do it for the community.  Recycling and composting create significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions by reducing methane produced in the landfill.  It also reduces the need to extract new resources, and reduce corresponding pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from extraction and creation of new goods.  Recycled materials create revenue for our local recycling hauler and the County.  Composted material is turned into soil locally at the Summit County compost facility.

Signs and outreach materials are available upon request:

Click on the sign to download. Tent Compost SignCompost PosterTent Recycle SignRecycling sign Tent Garbage SignGarbage sign

Where Does the Compost Go? The compost is taken to the Summit County commercial compost facility, where it is accepted for a fee and turned into soil within a month.

What is Compostable? In order to be accepted at the Summit County commercial compost facility, products must be food products, light paper, or Biodegradable Products Institute certified utensils, cups etc. Commercial compost is able to accept a greater variety of products than backyard compost, including compostable utensils and cups, because of the temperatures reached and the mixing process. Meat and dairy are accepted.


Our mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.