Lake County Recycle and Trash Drop Sites

Pre-Paid Lake County Trash Bags are available now at:

  • Saturday’s Discount, 12655 US-24, Leadville
  • Big Horn True Value, 1902 N Poplar St, Leadville
  • Leadville Outdoors, 225 Harrison Ave, Leadville
  • Lake County Courthouse, 505 Harrison Ave, Leadville
  • Lake County Landfill, 1500 Co Rd 6, Leadville
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Recycle and Trash Drop-Sites are OPEN   

Drop sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Drop sites are monitored with cameras and will have people-monitors during some hours of operations.

If you see any trash or mess at these sites, please call Lake County Public Works immediately: 719-486-0259.  To report an illegal dumper, call the Lake County sheriff’s office: (719) 486-1249

Adopt a Drop Site for one month.  Your help is needed to keep drop sites clean and community-friendly.  Sign your organization up!

The following items will be accepted at drop-sites:

  1. Trash in Pre-Paid Lake County Trash Bags ONLY, $5-$6 a bag.  Pre-Paid Trash Bags are clearly marked, distinctive in yellow color, and are available at Saturday’s Discount, Leadville Outdoors, Big Horn True Value,  the Lake County Courthouse, and the Lake County Landfill.
  2. Recycling:
    • #1-7 Plastics
    • Aluminum including aluminum foil
    • Cardboard and paperboard, must be flattened
    • Glass, any color
    • Mixed Paper, including mail, newspaper, magazines, and office paper
    • Tin Cans

Yes, we need help with monitoring and education at the sites.  Sign up for a four-hour shift by emailing Kendra.

Drop sites are monitored 24×7 with cameras.  Illegal dumping will be strictly enforced by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department per Lake County Ordinance 12-01.  A $1,000 fine will be levied on illegal dumpers.  This includes and non-recyclable items placed in recycling bins and any non Pre-Paid trash Bags placed in Trash Bins.

Drop site locations (maps coming soon):

1. Lake County Community Park, accessed through McWethy Drive on the South end of the park.

2. CR 10, 1/2 mile from the HW24 turn off, just opposite the Solar Garden

Our mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.