What Goes in the “Paper” Recycling Bin?

Paper is a fairly broad category. Here are some paper types you can put in that bin:

  • Office paper = Yes
  • Junk mail (without plastic attached) = Yes
  • Magazines = Yes
  • Newspapers = Yes
  • Paper with staples = Yes
  • Colored paper = Yes

Here are some things that should not go in Mixed Paper:

  • Paperboard (cereal boxes) = No (these go with cardboard)
  • Paper covered in wax or plastic (Milk cartons, soup boxes, etc.) = No
  • Plastic magazine wrappers, plastic pieces in junk mail, etc. = No
  • Stickers = No
  • Wrapping paper (it has a special coating) = No

Good rules of thumb to help you decide are “Keep it pure!” and “When in doubt, keep it out!” For more information, please see recycling tips on C4Leadville.org, or ask a member of the Recycling Center team at the Lake County Landfill. Thank you for recycling with care!