Income Qualified Programs

CARE PROGRAM:  An income qualified program for Lake County families generously funded by Energy Outreach Colorado and XCEL Energy.

Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy Program



What does this program do?

The CARE program is designed to help income qualified families and individuals in Lake County improve the energy efficiency of their homes to save energy (and money) and improve their quality of life.  Qualifying applicants will receive a free home energy assessment that will identify energy saving measures in your home.  Cloud City Conservation and local contractors will then help you improve your home to save energy based on the opportunities that are found.

Who can participate?

Those households that have already been qualified for LEAP are automatically qualified to participate.  Others can easily get started online at or by contacting us directly.  The income guidelines are listed below:

1 Person  – $36,000 

2 Persons – $41,120

3 Persons – $46,240

4 Persons – $51,360

5 Persons – $55,520

6 Persons – $59,600

7 Persons – $63,760

8 Persons – $67,840

Applications will be submitted to Energy Outreach Colorado, the organization that is responsible for the approval and verification process. Using the income and household information provided, we will work with Energy Outreach Colorado to determine the home weatherization services that are available.

The following documents will all serve the income verification requirement:

  • Proof of your most recent income, which may take the form of a paystub, a disability benefits explanation, unemployment verification, etc.,
  • Your most recent tax return-IRS form. Please note, you may remove or delete your social security number from this form.
  • A social security award letter
  • A form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. Again, you may remove or delete your social security number from this form.
  • A letter from your employer

If you have any questions about the application process or about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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