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Zero Waste Volunteers Needed for the 100 Run and Bike

Volunteer.  Bring Your Friends.

Come touch the hearts and minds of racers and fans with your dedication and responsible care of our natural world.  Seriously, these events make a difference.  Check out the full compost and recycling bins from this year’s Silver Rush (below).

At the Silver Rush, volunteers, Leadville Race Series and C4 staff recycled and composted 13 cubic yards of material, that’s over 4,500 pounds and a waste diversion rate of 80%.  This is a great result.
Recycling and compost at this event alone reduced equivalent carbon emissions in the earth’s atmosphere by 11,500 pounds. 
Remember the composting process decreases methane from our atmosphere and creates a valuable soil product.  We love soil!  We also love saving resources through recycling.   And the smiles on the racers faces when they put the cup in the right bin.  Yay us!
We appreciate all your help.  Thank you! Thank you!  And an extra special thank you to those of you that are helping us do it again this weekend. Can’t wait.
We have plenty more volunteer spots for our August events.  Please volunteer and tell your friends:




Colorado Outreach Award!

The Colorado Association for Recycling just awarded the DOOR Program High School Green Team its outstanding outreach award for all their great work with wast audits, recommendations and implementation.  Mona Cloys, Eva Mascarenas and Lynne Westerfield attended the awards Gala in Vail.  And the great news is that the project is still providing great recommendations to the the School District that they are acting on.  Styrofoam-Ban!  Compost!FullSizeRender