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Join us from 5-7pm on April 22nd for the annual Party for the Planet, a celebration of Leadville and Lake County’s efforts to be inspiring stewards of our environment.    If you know an unsung hero that goes the extra mile for the environment, please nominate them today by emailing us at, by calling, or by clicking the link below.  The Award Ceremony and Party will take place at Harperrose Studios, 601 Harrison Ave.  The party will include live music (to be announced) and food.  It is free for members, $5 for non-members; don’t worry, you can become a member at the door.

Nominate this year’s Green Champion.

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Finally, the following businesses have pledged 20% of their daily proceeds to the C4 environmental programs, so get out and support these local businesses on Earth Day:  Cookies with Altitude, City On a Hill, Melanzana, Harperrose Studios, High Mountain Pies, Community Threads, Cycles of Life, and Leadville Outdoors.


Lake County Schools are set to recycle even more this year.

IMG_1245We just ran the numbers and the Lake County schools and students have recycled over 5000 pounds already this year. And the schools are on track to exceed last year’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction – over 85,000 pounds reduced this school year by recycling alone. C4 gives stipends to green teams for any recycling infrastructure they need. So far, since the program began in 2013, we have given over $4,000 to school-recycling infrastructure. The schools have matched this investment and more, creating a recycling bus and weighing all material before it is delivered to the landfill. Great work, all!

Lake County to start Ongoing Paint Collection at the Landfill

The Lake County Landfill will be a Paint Care drop-off site this year.  
Start-date TBA, but we expect in the next couple of months.  The program will be managed by Lake County.  C4 will conduct outreach associated with the program.  No more one day events, now collection will be ongoing during landfill hours of opperation.


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PaintCare sites accept house paint, primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings (e.g., shellac and varnish), but we do not accept aerosols (spray cans), solvents, and products intended for industrial or non-architectural use.  A full list of accepted products.

Paint must be in its original container and the container must have an original printed label and a secured lid. We cannot accept open or leaking cans.

There is no charge for dropping off paint at a PaintCare drop-off site. PaintCare is funded by the “PaintCare Fee” which is added to the purchase price of paint sold in the state. These fees are paid to PaintCare by paint manufacturers, then passed down to retailers and to their customers. When you buy paint, you may see a line item on your receipt or invoice for each container. The fee is not a deposit — you don’t get it back when you drop off paint — a common misunderstanding.

These fees are used to fund all aspects of the paint stewardship program. Fees pay for paint collection, transportation, recycling, public outreach, and program administration, and to manage old “legacy” paint — the paint that has been accumulating in homes and businesses from before the program started. PaintCare sites accept old paint, even if it is 30 years old!

The fees are based on container size as follows:

$ 0.00 Half pint or smaller
$ 0.35 Larger than half pint to smaller than 1 gallon
$ 0.75 1 gallon
$ 1.60 Larger than 1 gallon up to 5 gallons