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Colorado Outreach Award!

The Colorado Association for Recycling just awarded the DOOR Program High School Green Team its outstanding outreach award for all their great work with wast audits, recommendations and implementation.  Mona Cloys, Eva Mascarenas and Lynne Westerfield attended the awards Gala in Vail.  And the great news is that the project is still providing great recommendations to the the School District that they are acting on.  Styrofoam-Ban!  Compost!FullSizeRender

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

We win again! The DOOR Program and their efforts at waste reduction and recycling in the schools have just won the Colorado Association for Recycling’s Outstanding Outreach Award. Mona and project partners will attend an awards Gala in June and share the project. The DOOR kids were also honored (with the Styrofoam Stoppers) as Lake County’s 2015 Green Champion at this year’s Party for the Planet (below). To learn more:

Grand Opening Recycle and Trash Drop – Postponed until July 15th

Due to additional permitting requirements, Drop Site opening is postponed 90 days.  New estimated opening: July 15th, 2015.



Drop-Site Locations

Drop-Sites will accept plastics 1-7, mixed paper, cardboard, glass and aluminum.

A Trash-Drop will be available for those with pre-paid trash bags.  Bags will be available for $4 starting April 15th at the Lake County Courthouse, the Lake County landfill and Cloud City Conservation Center (room 121, 130 W 5th Street).