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Help us meet our local challenge to raise $500 by April 22nd for the greenhouse, farm and living classroom

render cloud city farmLeadville local food and greenhouse supporters have pledged $500 to the greenhouse, farm and living classroom.  Help us match this $500 gift by the end of the day on Earth Day, April 22nd.  These donations will fund the first row of triple polycarbonate panels on the greenhouse itself.  There’s some really cool technology out there; this three layer rigid barrier allows 76% of the light to pass through while insulating our plants from the cold.

Give $10 and you pay for 5 square feet of panelling.  We’ll take all the help we can get to match this donation.  With your support, when we reach our goal, we may convince our local food-loving funders to reveal themselves.

We are raising a total of $160,000 this year to build Lake County’s first four-season educational greenhouse and community farm.  We plan to break ground this year and complete the project in 2017.