Internships and Part Time Positions

Cloud City Conservation Center is looking for informed and enthusiastic individuals to help make Lake County a more environmentally sustainable community.

We anticipate hiring a farmer/environmental educator at half time, in Spring 2017.  Interested?  Contact us.

Cloud City Conservation Center (C4) is Leadville and Lake County’s only non-profit organization devoted to community environmental sustainability.  We work closely with local governments, businesses, schools and community members to create and execute projects that increase energy efficiency and clean energy, reduce waste and toxicity, and increase recycling and re-use.  Programs are conducted in the Leadville and Lake County community and have real impact on how our community operates and its environmental footprint.  We have a small and dedicated staff who work closely with interns.  When not in the field conducting programs, interns will work in C4’s office in downtown Leadville.

For all of our intern and staff positions, some prior experience in the field of environmental sustainability is preferred, as is a bachelors degree or enrollment in a bachelors degree program.  We also prefer applicants who have already show an interest in living in Leadville are familiar with the community and its sometimes harsh climate.  Applicants should have access to transportation and computer.

Environmental Education Coordinator – CLOSED

Start: August 1st

End: June 30th

Hourly Rate: $18/hour

5 hours/week

The coordinator will be an integral part of increasing our school and community capacity for environmental stewardship.  The Lake County School system is in need of support with environmental education and action.  The coordinator will increase understanding and behavior associated with local environmental stewardship actions such as recycling and compost.  We are ultimately seeking to make Lake County youth the environmental leaders of our community through direct action.

Responsibilities will include: working closely with partners and the C4 Executive Director; lesson plan development; coordination and scheduling with teachers, administration, staff,  and community groups; delivery of educational programs in schools and the community; facilitation of in-school systems for waste diversion and other environmental methods; management of the Waste Warriors program; support and facilitation of in-school green teams.  Must be able to instruct groups of adults and youth, work in a mentorship capacity and write with some knowledge of recycling, compost, re-use and the lifecycle-analysis.

The Coordinator is expected to spend time as follows.  Waste Warriors Program, including supervision and mentorship of high school students in teaching workshops, coordination of workshops in schools: 2 hours/week. Green team support, relationship development in schools: 1 hour/week.   Supervision and coordination of compost systems and educational programs in schools: 2 hours per week.

The Zero Waste  Coordinator CLOSED

Start: June 1st 2017

End: August 24th 2017

Duration: 3 months

Applications must be received by April 1st, 2017.

Hourly Rate: $15/hour

Must be available during the majority of the Leadville Race Series and Boom Days event weekends.

Expected hours: 140-160. During large Zero Waste Events, there will be some long weekends with 20 + hours of work.

The coordinator will help to increase community capacity for environmental stewardship through waste diversion and responsible management of waste streams, predominantly at large events.  It’s a messy job, but has huge potential to change the way people think about the items them consume and throw ‘away.’  Environmental impacts include many tons of recycling and compost turned into valuable products, carbon emissions reduced, landfill space saved and individuals educated.  The coordinator will manage paid and volunteer sorters and educators at large events.  Desire and ability to educate youth and the public is a plus!

Responsibilities include: Development of the Zero Waste program in the community. Coordination of Zero Waste events and on-site management of Zero Waste events.  Delivery of environmental educator lessons where needed.

Applying :

Applicants should email a cover letter, résumé, contact information for three references (phone and email) to: C4, with subject line: Zero Waste Coordinator

Clean Energy Coordinator – CLOSED

Hourly Rate: $15/hour

The Clean Energy Coordinator will work closely with the Energy Programs Director to accomplish energy efficiency and clean energy programs.

Responsibilities may include: Coordinating and accomplishing home energy audits.  Improving and implementing data systems.  Community outreach associated with energy efficiency.

Our mission is to inspire stewardship of our natural resources by creating educational opportunities and lasting community infrastructure in Leadville and Lake County, Colorado.