Woah, that’s a 94% waste diversion rate – we rule!

photo 8

Thank you Zero Waste volunteers!  We could not have done it without you.  We reached a 94% waste diversion for the Silver Rush Run and Bike.  Thanks to you we had volunteers at 7 aid stations over two days and the start/finish and were able to divert over 20 yards of waste, turning it into valuable recycle and composted material.

We composted 3800 pounds and recycled over 4000 pounds of material.  This equals 20,600 pounds of carbon emissions reduced just this weekend.  Yay us!
We would love to see you again in August at the 100 Mountain Bike and Run.  There are still open volunteer spaces.  Sign up at:

Lake County Solar Garden – YES!

Great News. After three years of prep work, the Lake County Community Solar Garden is happening this year!

On Monday, June 1st, 2014, the Lake County Commissioners voted in favor of a purchase of 40% of the proposed Lake County 500 kW array. Lake County is also moving forward on the land lease for the project, which will be located approximately 7 miles south of town. The agreement stated that Lake County residents, businesses and government would receive a $.10 discount per Watt on any purchase.

Subscriptions are being accepted now by the Clean Energy Collective. Check out our web-site for more info: www.cloudcityconservation.org/solar