Radon Test Kits Are Here

1. Free kits are available during C4 Home Energy Assessments.

2. We are currently distributing free radon at the following locations:

Office of Environmental Health:  112 W. 5th St. (Public Health Office).  Open: M,T,TH,F 8-5,  W 8-12.  Call 719-486-7481 or email Jackie for more information.

Cloud City Conservation Center – Room 121, 130 W. 5th St. (Post Office).  By Appointment Only.   Call 719- 465-6164 or email Cameron.


Recycle Drop Sites are Coming

All equipment has been ordered and Recycle Drop Sites are scheduled to be up and running in February, 2015.


They will accept: #1-7 plastics, aluminum, cardboard (and paper board), mixed paper and glass.

Drop-sites will be monitored by camera and ANY illegal dumping  will be punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

NO illegal dumping



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